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If you need a heavy vehicle towed, such as a truck, bus, minibus, large van, SUV or mobile home, in, to or from Scarborough the best thing you can do is to trust us at Towing Angels to do it for you. We are a local towing company and are dedicated to providing Scarborough’s community with top class, comprehensive towing and roadside assistance services. Heavy duty towing is something we are regularly called upon to perform, we have the necessary gear and expertise in order to handle any heavy duty towing challenge. We are super fast, extremely professional and our rates are hard to beat.

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Round the Clock Availability Just like all of our other towing and roadside assistance services, our heavy duty towing service is available 24/7, all year round. We are always on the job, this is because we know that you may need our assistance unexpectedly at any time. We have a large fleet of tow trucks at our disposal and we make sure to have enough on standby in order to be able to respond immediately to any call, ones for heavy duty towing included. Since we know our way around Scarborough (being a local company) we can guarantee fast response time to any location in or around the city. You will not have to wait long, our heavy duty tow truck will arrive quickly and our expert tech will load your vehicle up and tow it away in no time. Fully Licensed and Insured With heavy duty towing there are tremendous forces at work. Allowing a tech that does not possess the necessary expertise to handle a heavy duty tow is recipe for disaster. At Towing Angles we employ only top of their field tow techs, all our techs are highly qualified and experienced, you can be sure that they’ll have no trouble handling the heavy duty tow you need. Towing Angels is a well know, established towing company which has been dutifully serving Scarborough’s community for almost two decades. We are fully licensed and insured and so when you place your trust in us you know you’re in good hands. Competitive Rates Our goal at Towing Angles is to provide top class service for a price that’s hard to beat. We have streamlined our operation, cutting running costs while keeping our uncompromising level of professionalism. The results speak for themselves, top class service for rates that our competitors find hard to match. Our heavy duty towing service is always available, we can be by your side in approximately *30 min (*traffic dependable)from the moment you give our dispatch a call. You can rest assured that our techs know what they’re doing and that they have the necessary gear in order to carry out the heavy duty tow you need in the best manner possible. To top all of this off, our unbeatable efficiency and strict honest billing policy ensure that you encounter no unpleasant surprises (such as hidden costs) and that you’ll end up paying exactly the amount we gave in our quote, a price you’ll be hard pressed to find matched.

For our heavy duty towing services in Scarborough call (647) 749-4068

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Amazing Service – simply the best towing service I’ve ever experienced.
On time, professional and most of all: affordable!

Robert Spitz

Scarborough, Ontario