Emergency Towing Services in Scarborough

When you’re caught in the middle of an emergency situation, chances are you’re going to need some help. You’re probably not thinking clearly, and even if you are, you probably don’t have all the answers on how to resolve your problem. But we’re here to assure you that with Towing Angels by your side, any emergency becomes an easy fix. Our technicians are all experts in Scarborough emergency services. It starts with our close bond with the local community. We all know and love Scarborough so well, and we’ve made it our mission to resolve any problem that we can in this beautiful city. As a convenience for your sake, since we’re so comfortable here in Scarborough, we can arrive very quickly to your side. And you can always have our professional services because we’re open 24/7! When you call us, you don’t have to worry about some company who doesn’t know their way around Scarborough. We know the city as well as we know our business, and we’re certified towing professionals. When you find yourself in a vehicle emergency situation, you want us at your side for emergency services.

Company Benefits

One of the first benefits of working with Towing Angels is that we are a local business! That means we know the community backwards and forwards. None of our technicians will ever arrive late to your location because they got lost. We all know where we’re going. This also means that we take extra care to treat you well because this is our home, too. We know that if you’re satisfied with the service we give you, then you’ll come back to us when you need it. That kind of assurance means a lot to both of us because it means we’ve got a wonderful professional business relationship we can rely on.  Additionally, as hinted above, because we’re local we are quick to arrive. Emergencies happen at the worst times, and we strive to arrive as quickly as possible to fix the problem for you so that your daily schedule isn’t interrupted any more than it has to be. We also pride ourselves that we are careful to only charge you what is absolutely necessary. We are completely up front about our prices, with no hidden fees or miscellaneous charges to surprise you. We’re here to take care of you, Scarborough residents!

Emergency Resolutions

Emergency resolutions call for professional emergency services Scarborough. When you’re driving a vehicle, any number of emergency situations can arise. You could be in an accident and your vehicle could no longer be safe to drive. You could lose or break your car keys beyond repair and be unable to go anywhere. Your car battery could die and you have no way to jumpstart it. But whatever the emergency that’s arisen, we can resolve it for you. Our company is certified professional in the industry, and every one of our technicians drives a towing truck equipped with the necessary state of the art tools to help you out with whatever emergency you’re experiencing.

Our Complete Emergency Services

As a full service provider of Scarborough emergency services, we provide 24/7 emergency towing, 24/7 emergency locksmith solutions, and 24/7 emergency roadside assistance. Here are our emergency services in greater detail:

Emergency Towing

  • Local and long distance towing
  • Accident removal
  • Private property towing
  • Light, Medium, and Heavy duty towing
  • Motorcycle towing
  • Dolly or Flatbed Towing
  • Wrecker services

Emergency Locksmith Solutions for Automotive, Commercial, or Residential Needs

  • Broken key or broken lock solutions
  • Broken ignition key extraction
  • Security system installation
  • Security system maintenance and repair
  • Lock installation
  • Lock maintenance and repair
  • Key replacement or duplication
  • Lock picking
  • Open trunk services
  • Car lockout
  • Rekeying
  • Key cutting on the spot
  • Transponder key programming
  • Window lock repair and installation
  • Garage door locks
  • Gate locks

Emergency Roadside Assistance

  • Gas delivery
  • Flat tire fix
  • Battery jumpstart or replacement
  • And more!!

When you’re in an emergency, call us at Towing Angels for professional emergency services Scarborough!

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